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Could HP and Dell Get Together Again?

Mon, 16/Oct/2017 - 22:26
Technology companies tend to have very fickle relationships. For instance, Microsoft helped launch Apple, worked to kill the company, provided money to save it, and then got its butt kicked by it. Dell first partnered with EMC, then competed with it, then bought it -- and the CEOs remained friends throughout. Dell and HP have had a rather interesting relationship as well. Dell used to resell HP printers, but after HP bought Compaq, the firms went to war. However, with HP now split from HPE, growth now lies in very different areas.
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Report Probes Social Media's Threat to Democracy

Sat, 14/Oct/2017 - 00:08
Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others may pose a threat to American democracy, suggests a new report from The Omidyar Group. The report follows recent disclosures about targeted dark post advertising, fake news and other abuses propagated by Russian troll farms during the 2016 presidential election. Among the questions the report raises is whether the U.S. government may need to take steps to protect the public from future influence campaigns that could undermine the very foundation of a free society.
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Google Assistant Shines in Pint-Sized Home Mini

Fri, 13/Oct/2017 - 03:37
The first wave of reviews touting Google's Home Mini smart speaker surfaced this week, on the heels of reports that the company had to quash a top touch function to prevent the device from accidentally activating and recording conversations without users' knowledge. Google has promised to roll out an update to the device by Oct. 15. The hardware glitch didn't seem to dim the spotlight on the potential of the smart speaker, however, which is a slimmed-down version of the flagship Google Home product, powered by Google Assistant.
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New Kindle Oasis E-Reader Can Take a Dunking

Fri, 13/Oct/2017 - 00:05
Amazon on Wednesday pulled the wraps off a new premium e-reader that's waterproof and has a sharp 300 pixels-per-inch display. The Kindle Oasis has a 7-inch Paperwhite display and sports an aluminum back and ergonomic shape that makes it easier to read for prolonged periods. It has a battery life measured in weeks, and it can charge from zero to full power in two hours. Audible, Amazon's audiobooks service, is built into Oasis. Its base price is $250, and it will begin shipping on Oct. 31.
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Apple Releases Retro Version of iTunes

Thu, 12/Oct/2017 - 03:07
Apple has made a retro version of iTunes available, 12.6.3, reviving features removed by the mammoth 12.7 overhaul it released last month. News of the release surfaced Monday in a post on Reddit by user vista980622. The company was low key about the release, saying in an online post dated Sept. 23 that the retro version was for business partners who needed iTunes to mass deploy apps on iOS devices. iTunes 12.7 for macOS and Windows removed the program's ability to sync apps and ringtones with iOS devices.
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LogicHub CPO Monica Jain: Focus on Results

Wed, 11/Oct/2017 - 17:30
"I was always interested in analyzing the data," said LogicHub CPO Monica Jain. "I was introduced to a company that was a pioneer in the market, and that's where my career in security started. I fell in love with security because it's all about finding and analyzing the data, and about crunching the data. That's how I started with security. I've never left it since then." Jain's decision to cofound LogicHub "was really driven by the passion I had to meet my customers," she said. "I like to understand where there are pain points."
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Zuckerberg Pays Virtual Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

Wed, 11/Oct/2017 - 01:50
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday used virtual reality tech to "teleport" to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and soon was dubbed a "heartless billionaire" by critics who felt he had exploited the dire situation in the U.S. territory. That likely isn't what Zuckerberg intended when he provided the Facebook Spaces video demonstration, showing how an Oculus Rift VR headset can be used to get a close-up view of some of the devastation Hurricane Maria caused last month.
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Google Pixel 2: 8/10ths of an Apple-Killer Strategy

Mon, 09/Oct/2017 - 23:28
What would it take to cause Apple to fail? While Steve Jobs was alive, the prevalent belief was that it would take his removal from the firm. That has happened, but Apple's valuation and reserves are higher. Although the foundational element is gone, no one really went after Apple hard until last week, when Google launched a comprehensive strategy that clearly targeted the company. It attacks Apple's products directly and flanks it as well. While this is an impressive attack on Apple, it doesn't yet have all the elements it needs to succeed.
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Report: Russian Hackers Penetrated Elite NSA Hacking Division

Sat, 07/Oct/2017 - 23:30
Russian hackers reportedly exploited a vulnerability in Kaspersky Lab's software to steal sensitive cyberdefense data from a National Security Agency contractor. The incident, which occurred in 2015, involved a contractor who loaded classified information onto his personal computer in order to work at home. The information included hacking tools and other sensitive data that the NSA used to gather intelligence overseas. The contractor worked in the NSA's Tailored Access Operations unit, an elite hacking division in the agency.
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With the Shell, You Can Go Wild(card) and Follow Your Pipe Dream

Sat, 07/Oct/2017 - 02:51
There is more to the shell, the terminal's interpreter software, than commands composed of alphanumeric characters. In addition to those familiar programs, there is a whole host of processing tools hiding behind the symbols of a standard keyboard. To say nothing of their incredible potency in combination, each one is so powerful on its own that it helps to take a methodical approach to get familiar with them. With that in mind, I'll narrow the focus here to two of the more practical symbols: the pipe and the wildcard.
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Gadget Ogling: Same Old Apple

Fri, 06/Oct/2017 - 22:33
Watching Apple's product announcement showcase is a bit like celebrating New Year's. People from all over the world are drawn to this annual event with the promise of something new and exciting, a vision of tomorrow and untold promise. Yet the more it comes around, the more disappointed we are. That promised kiss from a stranger at midnight is a dud. Our best intentions fall by the wayside as we use the arbitrary turning of a calendar page as reason to develop new habits, only to quit the gym within two weeks.
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Hologram Debuts Open Source Cellular Modem for IoT

Fri, 06/Oct/2017 - 04:42
Hologram on Thursday launched Nova, the first open source modem for cellular connectivity. Nova is a USB cellular modem purpose-built for Internet of Things development. Its Hologram software tools are compatible with most single board computers, such as Raspberry Pi. The Nova modem is open source and unlocked, so its use is not limited to Hologram's SIMs. Though it targets the developer community, it has potential uses for everyone from makers to system architects. It sells for $49. Nova comes with the Hologram Python SDK.
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AI Ripples Through Google's New Product Lineup

Fri, 06/Oct/2017 - 00:16
Google on Wednesday launched a bevy of new products into its growing hardware and software ecosystem at its Made by Google event. Many of the new devices are infused with artificial intelligence capabilities. "Since last year and since Google I/O, we've been working hard, continuing our shift from a mobile-first to an AI-first world," Google CEO Sundar Pichai told the gathering. "We are rethinking all our core products and working hard to solve user problems by applying machine learning and AI."
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RoboCyberWall Aims to Block Linux Server Hacks

Thu, 05/Oct/2017 - 05:00
RoboCyberWall has launched its proprietary precision firewall solution bearing the same name. RoboCyberWall is designed to protect HTTP and HTTPS ports on Linux-based Apache2 and NGINX Web servers. The patent-pending firewall blocks all known exploits and zero-day attacks on Apache2 and NGINX Web servers, according to the developer. It is the only firewall designed from the ground up to protect the Linux Apache2 or NGINX Web server's root directory, as well as the document root directory.
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Roku Sets Up New Streaming Player Buffet

Thu, 05/Oct/2017 - 02:50
Roku has introduced five new streaming media players designed to provide viewers with new and improved ways to connect to content. The five players range in price from $29.99 to $99.99, and offer a variety of features and functionality. The introductory-level Roku Express targets new cord cutters who want to stream content to the TV, or those who want to extend their Roku OS experience to additional TV screens around the house. The Roku Express+ is a step up in functionality, providing options to connect to a set via HDMI or composite AV ports.
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Google Poised to Add New Pixels to Growing Ecosystem

Wed, 04/Oct/2017 - 04:46
A refresh of Google's critically acclaimed Pixel smartphones is expected Wednesday when the company holds its annual product launch event at the SFJAZZ center in San Francisco. Although their features won't be known officially until Google raises the curtain on the phones at the event, leaks -- including photos -- have given the public a good idea of what's to come. The smaller of the two phones, the Pixel 2, is expected to have a 1080p FHD display with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Its larger brother, the Pixel XL, is believed to have a 6-inch, QHD+ display with an 18:9 ratio.
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ArchLabs Makes Up for Parabola's Curve Balls

Wed, 04/Oct/2017 - 04:09
If you want to stretch your Linux desktop acumen from the Debian Linux lineage to Arch Linux, Archlabs might be a better choice than Parabola. Arch Linux is something of a black sheep when it comes to installing and configuring a Linux distribution. It presents a few more stumbling blocks than other Linux options, which could make it a less welcome alternative to some users. Arch Linux distros are notorious for their intense installations and sometimes-challenging software management processes.
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iOS Users May Regret Going to 11

Wed, 04/Oct/2017 - 02:43
Blowback over Apple's iOS 11 upgrade has been increasing, despite an update that was supposed to solve battery drainage issues and a large number of other glitches but apparently has not done so. Apple officially launched iOS 11 on September 19, but problems quickly became apparent, prompting the company to roll out iOS 11.0.1 just a week later. iOS 11 provides immersive AR functionality to iPhones and iPads, as well as a redesigned App Store, enhanced Siri, a Do Not Disturb feature for drivers, and the ability to share music playlists.
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Anticipating the Smart World of 2027: A Billion Cameras and AI, Oh My...

Mon, 02/Oct/2017 - 23:26
Nvidia went to China last week and made a series of interesting announcements having to do with smart cities and autonomous cars. IBM made an announcement on advancements in tying the Weather Channel to its Watson artificial intelligence engine, and improvements in targeted marketing. We also found out about Oculus' Fall in Love VR project which is kind of like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but the significant other is a hot computerized avatar. Intel announced Loihi, a new AI processor that emulates the human brain.
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Google Assistant Goes to Work for Nvidia's Shield TV

Fri, 29/Sep/2017 - 17:30
Nvidia on Thursday announced that its Shield TV now includes Google Assistant as part of its Shield Experience Upgrade 6.0 update, which is now available for download. The update also lets the Shield device work as a SmartThings Hub when paired with a SmartThinks Link. The SmartThings Link, which can be used to connect Shield TV as a SmartThings Hub, will be released in the coming months with a promotional launch price of $14.99. Shield TV supports voice commands to search apps, play and pause TV, and seek out particular programs.
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