April 2011

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Avast finds PDF exploit invisible to antivirus programs..!!

The trick involves hiding a common Adobe Reader exploit inside a PDF file that appears to antivirus software as a harmless image.
Criminals have started using an obscure image filter to make malicious PDF files all but invisible to many antivirus programs, Czech security firm Avast Software said.

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Mozilla patches Firefox and Thunderbird ..!!

The Mozilla project has released new versions of Firefox, its open source web browser, and the Thunderbird email client to address several critical issues found in the previous releases.

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Microsoft Xbox LIVE alert after PlayStation hack..!!

Microsoft has warned users of its Xbox
Live online gaming service of possible attempts to steal

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India puts tight leash on Internet free speech

Free speech advocates and Internet users are protesting new Indian
regulations restricting Web content that, among other things, can be
considered "disparaging," "harassing," "blasphemous" or "hateful."

new rules, quietly issued by the country's Department of Information
Technology earlier this month and only now attracting attention, allow

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Now SMSes to alert on phishing attack..!!

Please ignore any email or SMS demanding or claiming that you have won a lottery. These are from fraudsters' — Cyber Crime Police, CID.

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German software maker Ashampoo warns of malware after hack..!!

A German software company known for its Windows utilities is warning customers to be on the alert for malicious e-mail messages after its servers were hacked.

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Next Safari version will include do-not-track tool..!!

Safari is the latest of the top four most popular browsers to receive a do-not-track privacy tool.

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French hacker and alleged Anonymous member arrested after bragging on TV..!!

A French hacker who boasted on TV about hacking into the network of an important defense contractor was arrested and charged with unauthorized access to a computer system, data theft and organized fraud.

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A message from Anonymous..!!

A Message From Anonymous That Who Are They!

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Hacker steals Hyundai Capital customer data for blackmail scam..!!

A hacker has broken into the computer systems of South Korea's Hyundai Capital, stealing personal information on around 420,000 customers and using it to blackmail the company.

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VLC Media Player susceptible to buffer overflow vulnerability ..!!

According to an advisory from security services provider Secunia, the VLC Media Player is susceptible to a vulnerability in the Libmodplug library which it rates as highly critical.

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Anonymous: Second press release to Sony ..!!

Greetings, Sony Customers And PS3 Users. We are Anonymous.

the last few days, Anonymous has been targeting Sony for their
outrageous treatment of not only PS3 users and jailbreakers, but also of

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We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect us.

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Windows servers hacked at The Hartford insurance company..!!

Hackers have broken into The Hartford insurance company and installed password-stealing programs on several of the company's Windows servers.

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New cyber security report released..!!

  MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Symantec is out with its annual
Internet Security Threat Report, The Internet security software company
identified more than 286 million new cyberthreats last year.

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FBI hosting cyber vulnerability meeting in SC..!!

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Officials from South Carolina's FBI office are offering information on how the Internet and technology are used to spy on the United States.

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Huge cyber attack infects over 1.5 million Web pages..!!

Lizamoon SQL-injection attack tricks users to download anti-virus software

More than 1.5 million Web pages have suffered a huge SQL -injection attack, dubbed as the Lizamoon attack.

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Most Of The Antivirus Websites Are Vulnerable To XSS Attack..!!

We use antivirus for secure surfing online and to protect virus from coming on internet,

Cyber India Form

Fill the form for Cyber India..

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Pentagon Networks Threatened by Cyber Attack…The Dangers of Outsourcing Security..!!

Information systems at the Department of Defense may be vulnerable to cyber attacks now that a company it relies on for password-protected networks was itself a victim of hackers.

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Millions of websites hit with mass-injection cyberattack..!!

Hundreds of thousands -- and possibly millions -- of websites have been hit with a cyberattack that some are calling "one of the biggest mass-injection attacks we've ever seen."

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Google Is Working On a Face Detection App..!!

Google just clarified that they are not yet working on a Face detection app and there were factual errors in the CNN report. See the bottom of the post for an updated statement from Google.

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Massive SQL injection attack compromises 380,000 URLs..!!

A massive SQL injection attack campaign has been spotted by Websense researchers, and the number of unique URLs affected by it has risen from 28,000 when first detected yesterday, to 380,000 when the researchers last checked.

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New Android Trojan punishes pirates..!!

A new Android Trojan is up an about, and can be find on several of the most popular file sharing sites in the US and Asia.