May 2011

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Anonymous attacks target PROTECT IP supporters..!!

Online mischief-making bunch Anonymous has launched attacks at supporters of the controversial Protect IP Bill, which seeks to give the US justice Department a wide range of tools to allow authorities and copyright holders to kill off web sites they don't like.

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Fake YouTube notifications doing rounds..!!

YouTube users are targeted with notifications supposedly sent by YouTube administrators and containing links to Canadian pharmacy sites, warns BitDefender.

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Cloud identity tools for LinkedIn, Twitter and Microsoft Live..!!

Ping Identity released Cloud Identity Connectors for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Microsoft Live, enabling the enterprise to rely on cloud service providers and social networking sites for third-party user authentication.

Ping Identity can now connect cloud businesses with six of the largest cloud service and social network sites, including Google (and other OpenID 2.0 providers), Salesforce and Facebook.

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Code in the Cloud: Programming Google AppEngine.

Cloud applications are the next big shift in application development: instead of building single-user applications to run on a personal computer, new applications are being built as multi-user services that run in data centers around the world.

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All accounts of Speak Asia frozen in India, Singapore..!!

Are you invest your money in Speak Asia, Then this news is for You,

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Hackers steal Hotmail messages..!!

Criminals recently spent more than a week siphoning e-mail messages from Hotmail users' accounts, thanks to a programming bug in Microsoft's website.

The flaw gave hackers a way to read and steal e-mail messages from Hotmail users, and according to security vendor Trend Micro, that's exactly what they did, sending specially crafted e-mail messages to several thousand victims.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 released..!!

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 is now available. Enhancements provide improvements in system reliability, scalability and performance, coupled with support for upcoming system hardware.

This release also delivers patches and security updates, while maintaining application compatibility and OEM/ISV certifications.

In addition to performance improvements, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 also provides numerous technology updates, including:

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Stolen credit card numbers advertised via Twitter..!!

You would expect online criminals to want to keep a low profile and restrict their attempts of selling stolen wares to shady online criminal forums, but every once in a while some of them surprise us with unusual attempts such as advertising their stolen goods via Twitter.

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Mac Protector: Fake AV targets Mac OS X users..!!

A little over two weeks have passed since the appearance of MAC Defender, the fake AV solution targeting Mac users. And seeing that the approach had considerable success, it can hardly come as a surprise that attackers chose to replicate it.

This time, the name of the rogue AV is Mac Protector, and according to McAfee, the downloaded Trojan contains two additional packages:

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SpyEye Trojan attacks Verizon's online payment page..!!

Trusteer discovered a configuration of the SpyEye Trojan targeting Verizon’s online payment page and attempting to steal payment card information. The attack took place between May 7th and 13th.

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Facebook-Google 'cold war' suddenly gets hot..!!

Facebook's surreptitious public relations campaign against Google shows how intense the competition has become between the two companies -- and what lengths Facebook will go to in the fight.

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Infected Android apps can hijack your texts ..!!

At least 11 Android apps contain malware that is rigged to automatically send text messages from your Google Android smartphone to phone numbers in China.

The apps, which include iBook, iCartoon, iGuide, iCalendar, LoveBaby and Sea Ball, are embedded with malicious code that covertly sends text messages to three different premium-rate numbers without their knowledge or approval.

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Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in Adobe Flash Player..!!

Vulnerability identifier: APSB11-12

CVE number: CVE-2011-0589, CVE-2011-0618, CVE-2011-0619, CVE-2011-0620, CVE-2011-0621, CVE-2011-0622, CVE-2011-0623, CVE-2011-0624, CVE-2011-0625, CVE-2011-0626, CVE-2011-0627

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Microsoft supports public-private partnership (PPP) model on cyber crime awareness..!!

Technology giant Microsoft India supported a public-private partnership (PPP)-based model to generate awareness among people in India about cyber attacks, as more and more people are using social networking sites.

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Canada Becomes Second-Largest Source of Phishing, Malware, Botnet Activity..!!

Cyber-criminals appear to be on the move, switching from Chinese and Eastern European IP addresses in favor of Canadian ones, according to security researchers.

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Anonymous hacked by one of its own ..!!

Infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has been hacked by one of its own. In a message posted to the site, the group claimed a former member organised the attack, taking over its and .net communications sites and publishing names and IP addresses of users online.

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Facebook apps found giving access to user accounts to third parties..!!

A discovery that really should not surprise anyone has been made yesterday by Symantec - it turns out that due to to a flaw in the authentication schemes used before the now default OAuth 2.0, Facebook IFRAME applications have been leaking access tokens to third parties such as advertisers or analytic platforms.

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Osama Bin Laden Files May Be Impossible to Crack ; Expert Says

U.S. forces recovered a wealth of computer files, hard drives, thumb drives and electronic equipment from Osama bin Laden's Pakistan compound after his killing this past weekend, but security experts say that if the files were correctly encrypted, it will be nearly impossible for intelligence experts to ever see what is stored on them.

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Syrian Facebook users hit by online attacks ..!!

Facebook users in Syria are being targeted by online attacks, presumably launched by the Syrian government, aimed at monitoring and intercepting their social networking communications.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) warned Syrian Facebook users Thursday that the attacks are using forged, invalid security certificates and occurring on the secure, HTTPS-encrypted Facebook site.

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Osama Bin Laden's Death Key Topic on Internet..!!

The announcement late Sunday of the death of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has set the Internet abuzz, as users searched for information and shared their thoughts on the killing of one of the world's most wanted men.

In a late-night appearance at the White House, U.S. President Barack Obama said that bin Laden had been killed in a U.S. operation in Pakistan on Sunday.

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Java SE 6 update 25 brings faster server startup..!!

Oracle has released Java SE 6 Update 25 (6u25); this update contains no
security updates to the Java runtime, but does include wider platform
support with Windows 7 and SP1, Windows 2008 R2 with SP1, Oracle Linux 6
and Oracle Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 added to the supported list. Also
supported by the update are Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 4, Google
Chrome 10 and VirtualBox 4.

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