August 2011

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Brazilian Trojans Start Targeting European Banks..!!

Security researchers from Kaspersky warn that banking trojans of Brazilian origin have started targeting banks from Spain, Portugal and other countries.

European financial institutions have traditionally been targeted by widespread trojans like ZeuS or SpyEye, while Brazilian trojans from the Banker family have pretty much kept local.

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Hackers acquire Google certificate, could hijack Gmail accounts..!!

Hackers have obtained a digital certificate good for any Google website from a Dutch certificate provider, a security researcher said today.

Criminals could use the certificate to conduct "man-in-the-middle" attacks targeting users of Gmail, Google's search engine or any other service operated by the Mountain View, Calif. company.

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Nokia developer network site hacked - personal information accessed..!!

Developers of apps for Nokia phones have been warned that their personal information may have been stolen by hackers, after a security breach on the official discussion forum.

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phpMyAdmin updates close XSS hole..!!

The phpMyAdmin developers have announced the release of versions 3.4.4 and of their open source database administration tool. According to the security advisory, these maintenance and security updates close a hole (CVE-2011-3181) in the Tracking feature that leads to multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

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BREAKING:Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple..!!

Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs resigned as Chief Executive Officer from Apple Inc. today. His place a the top of the company will be taken by Time cook, previously Apple's Chief Operating Officer.

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WARNING: 44,000+ hotmails, yahoos, facebooks and more leaked by @neatstuffs..!!

@neatstuffs has made a huge leak of over 44000 accounts from different providers, all accounts passwords are encrypted but knowing the world as they are they will be simple to crack.

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Malware attack: Warning your credit card has been blocked..!!

Cyber criminals have spammed out emails which claim to be a warning that your credit card has been blocked, but in reality contain a malicious attachment designed to infect your computer.

Be on your guard if you receive an unexpected email claiming that your credit card is blocked.

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Stealing ATM PINs with thermal cameras..!!

At the USENIX Security Symposium last week, researchers Keaton Mowery, Sarah Meiklejohn and Stefan Savage from the University of California at San Diego presented their paper "Heat of the Moment: Characterizing the Efficacy of Thermal Camera-Based Attacks."

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Anonymous: OpBART

Anonymous Press Release On Operation BART.

"This is just a brief release to clarify for the media what to expect from Anonymous on this Op. There is a more thorough Press Release from us here -

Anonymous will take the following actions over the next 48 hours.

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Google allows C and C++ code to run in Chrome web browser..!!

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Google has integrated a native client into its latest Chrome beta allowing for complex applications to run within the web browser.


Symantec Treatcon

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Indian website is hacked by Mr.52 .
At last time Mr. 52 hacked and his name is also mentioned when was hacked...
When Indian Govt. wiil be awake for security of indian website, Day by day indian website are hacked by hackers... and they simply upload a own shell on the websites..

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Hacked Wordpress Blogs Used to Poison Google Image Search..!!

A researcher has found evidence of thousands of compromised Wordpress blogs that are being used to insert malicious images into Google search results.

TWordpress Googlehe report, from the blog, may be evidence of the after affects of a widespread attack on Wordpress blogs reported last week, or evidence of a vulnerability in Wordpress itself, said Denis Sinegubko, the founder of Unmask Parasites.

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Fake Firefox update email - Don't click..!!

Although we see some very sneaky social engineering tricks used by scammers and cybercriminals on occasions, designed to trick users into making unwise decisions, we also see some very basic attempts at online crime.

Take, for instance, this email which was spammed out this weekend pretending to be an advisory about a new update to the popular Firefox web browser.

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Syrian MOD Hacked By Anonymous..!!

The official website of Syrian Ministry of Defense has been hacked by Anonymous Hackers.

On the deface page they said:

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Official Site Of NDRRMC Is Hacked..!!

Philippines– The official website of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) was hacked and defaced on Sunday morning.

Visitors of the website were greeted with a black page with what appeared to be a map of the Persian Gulf and a message that read "P E R S I A N G U L F 4 E V E R."

Under these are unknown codes and a line that reads "For more security."

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Zero-Day Attack On Wordpress Plugin..!!

A popular script used by many WordPress themes has been found to contain a zero-day bug that has left several self-hosted blogs - including that of the script's creator - serving up advertising content for someone else.

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BH 2011: Hacking In Google ChromeOS..!!

Matt Johansen and Kyle Osborn presented their paper at Black Hat this morning titled "Hacking Google ChromeOS".

Google's netbook operating system has been touted as the first platform that has been designed to be malware free from the start. Users are not able to download/install/execute code on a ChromeBook, they are only allowed to download Chrome extensions.

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Update: QuickTime 7.7 closes security holes..!!

Version 7.7 of QuickTime is now available for users running Windows XP SP2 or later and Mac OS X v10.5.8 Leopard. The maintenance and security update addresses a total of 14 security vulnerabilities in the multimedia application.

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Wordpress blogs are at risk..!!

TENS OR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Wordpress installations are at risk of being compromised because of a critical vulnerability in a popular third-party image manipulation script called timthumb.

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Android browser vulnerable to "Cross Application Scripting"..!!

IBM researchers have found that it is possible for third party applications to inject JavaScript code into instances of the Android browser. According to a paper published by the researchers, the vulnerability exists in Android 2.3.4 and 3.1 and is believed to exist in earlier versions.

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LulzSec hacking: teenager ‘had cache of 750,000 passwords..!!

Teenager Jake Davis, alleged to be a leading member of the LulzSec hacking group, had 750,000 people’s personal details on his computer system when he was arrested, a court heard.