September 2011

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Proxy logs helped FBI track and arrest LulzSec member..!!

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Blue Screen : Cute Blue Screen

One thing we've already seen is how Microsoft has - after many years -
revamped their infamous blue screen of death. Now it's a cute screen

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Russian cyber criminal steals $3.2 millions in 6 months..!!

A Russian resident in his early 20s is believed to be the leader of a tightly knit gang using banking Trojans and money mules to earn themselves millions of dollars.

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Will Windows 8's new interface herald full-screen scareware?

Microsoft has designed a new user interface for Windows 8, with an emphasis on bright colours and friendliness. Personally, the interface (dubbed "Metro") reminds me of a child's toy.
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Breaking: Carol Bartz Was Fired as CEO of Yahoo..!

Yahoo Press Release:
The text of Yahoo's announcement of a management reorganization that saw Tim Morse replacing Carol Bartz as CEO.

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DigiNotar SSL certificate hack amounts to cyberwar, says expert..!!

Dutch government revokes certificates used for all its secure online transactions, while CIA, Google, Microsoft and others affected by hack called 'worse than Stuxnet'

The Dutch government has revoked all trust in digital certificates issued by DigiNotar

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DNS Attack On Other Big Website By Turkish Hacker.

At the time of writ­ing these web­sites are still defaced, with a black page writ­ten “Turkgu­ven­Ligi” and “4 Sept. We TurkGu­ven­ligi declare this day as World Hack­ers Day - Have fun ;) h4ck y0u”.

They Deface:
ups​.com, voda​fone​.com, thereg​is​ter​.co​.uk, acer​.com, bet​fair​.com, nation​al​geo​graphic​.com and tele​graph​.co​.uk.

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Breaking: TheRegister Got Hacked..!!

The Internet news big company TheRegister has been hacked By Turkish Hacker Turk.
Its a big hit on the internet media... which are target by hackers.

On the deface page he said "Hacking Is Not Crime".

The Register is a British technology news and opinion website.

Deface Link:

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'Peeping Tom' webcam blackmailer jailed for six years..!!

A man from Southern California who hacked into over 100 computers, and used personal information stolen from them to extort sexually explicit videos of young women and teenage girls, has been sentenced to six years in prison.

32-year-old Luis Mijangos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who was living in Santa Ana, California, was arrested last year after a lengthy investigation by the authorities.

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Suspected hackers arrested over Anonymous/LulzSec internet attacks..!!

Two men, aged 20 and 24, have been arrested by British police in connection with a series of internet attacks orchestrated by the Anonymous and LulzSec gangs.

Scotland Yard says that the men, who were arrested in Mexborough, Doncaster, and Warminster in Wiltshire, remain in custody for questioning, and are being held at police stations in South Yorkshire and London.