Snorby: Modern Snort IDS frontend..!!

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Snorby is a modern Snort IDS frontend. The basic fundamental concepts behind Snorby are simplicity and power. The project goal is to create a free, open source and highly competitive application for network monitoring for both private and enterprise use.
Reports - With the ability to export to many popular formats and index security events for fast searching, Snorby supports XML, CSV and PDF export formats.

Schedule - Setup reports for the future and be notified via email upon completion. Snorby also creates a daily, weekly and monthly report so you always have a snapshot and documentation.

Collaboration - Every security event has the ability for comments and notes. This is very useful if you need a reminder or if you wish to delegate the event to a colleague.

Open source - With a completely open API and with the source at your fingertips the possibilities are endless for customization.

Teammates - This feature lets you add contact information of other peoples and quickly send events to the appropriate parties.

Snorby 2.0 features the following:
•    Fully rewritten from the ground up in Rails 3 and Ruby 1.9.2
•    Fast, resilient and scalable (with new backend workers)
•    Completely redesigned user interface (for new and advanced users)
•    Full packet capture support with OpenFPC
•    Useful reports and metrics (PDF reports, graphs, email reports)
•    Customizable severities and classifications
•    Real time event listing using AJAX long polling.
•    Supports Snort, Sagan and Suricata
•    Revamped and intuitive administration interface



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