Is a Cyber World War Coming..!!

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For the past week, a group self-identified as "Anonymous" (which is allegedly composed of thousands of hacker-activists) has been taking down websites belonging to companies who have turned their back on Wikileaks.
The recent attacks are frightening internet security experts, who say they might inspire copy-cats to lash out who aren’t as focused.
"I think other more nefarious organizations will see the impact that this has had," says Johnathan Norman with Alert Logic.  "And it could lead to some very scary results."
Norman believes all this recent hacker activity could mushroom into a cyber world war, in which case internet security blogger Alan Shimel says the international community may have to intervene.
"We have to decide, is the internet going to be a reliable safe means of conducting business? Or can the internet itself be held hostage?"
As of this writing "Anonymous" is still directing its members, via Twitter, to bring down PayPal’s website.


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