Fake Hallmark greeting card carries malware..!!

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A spam campaign consisting of e-mails posing as Hallmark Christmas cards and containing a malicious attachment has been detected by MX Lab researchers.
Coming from a spoofed card@hallmark.com address, the text
contained in the message urges people to forward the e-mail to "7 people
within 60 seconds to receive your one year blessing", along with the
attached SnowFairy.zip file which contains an .exe file of the same name.

According to Softpedia, the file in question is a downloader Trojan that
downloads fake AV solutions on the infected system, but fortunately for
potential victims, has also a high detection rate.

But, it always pays to be careful - holiday greetings and deals are
often used by online criminals to spread malware, and we can expect more
spam like this to inundate our inboxes as Christmas approaches.

Source: www.net-security.org


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