Top 5 Spammer Friendly ISPs..!!

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While most ISPs hate spam as much as their customers, some lurk on the dark side, either ignoring spammers who use their service  or  in some cases actively soliciting their business.

ISPs that choose to ignore spam activity usually do so because they feel the cost of taking care of the problem would outweigh the benefits. ISPs that actively solicit such business do so because of the profits involved.

In the recent past, several ISPs such as McColo and have been shut down for being spam friendly, resulting in sharp but temporary drops in spam levels. Because of these shut downs, spammers have changed how they do business, largely by moving away from the practice of relying on a single ISP to host the command and control servers of the botnets they use to distribute spam. By having them scattered across multiple ISPs they reduce the chances they’ll be knocked out of business if one of them is shutdown or kicks them off for spamming.

These are the top 5 spam-friendly ISPs to be aware of:

   1. – This ISP has been blacklisted 84 times for offenses ranging from snowshoe spamming to botnet and child pornography hosting.
   2. – This ISP has been blacklisted over 60 times, mainly for botnet hosting, use by professional spam gangs, and use by the infamous Canadian Pharmacy campaign.
   3. – This ISP has been blacklisted over 50 times for hosting several command and control servers for the Zeus botnet, Canadian Pharmacy spam, and several phishing attacks.
   4. – This ISP has been blacklisted over 40 times for hosting multiple spam domains and phishing attacks.
   5. – This ISP has been blacklisted over 40 times for hosting the activities of several known spam gangs.



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