Carding Forum, Exploits Database and Others Hacked on Christmas Eve..!!

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A group of hackers calling themselves Ninja have compromised several websites, including the underground marketplace, the tracker, the community, the ettercap project, the BackTrack Linux distribution and a milw0rm clone run by a crew known as Inj3ct0r.

The compromises were disclosed in the second edition of the "Owned and Exposed" hacking ezine (online magazine). The first issue was released back in May and covered the first compromise of

"We owned (AGAIN) because they are unable to learn from their mistakes and keep spreading garbage around the underground," the Ninja hackers write.

The forum is a marketplace for stolen credit card details and personal information. People there also deal in equipment used to create counterfeit cards.

The site currently displays a message informing members that the forum will be brought back online after the holidays. The admins note that no server is 100% secure.

The Inj3ct0r crew was targeted because they are considered just a bunch of script kiddies (hackers unable to write their own attack code), who cloned the defunct milw0rm exploits database.

"We owned inj3ct0r because they are lameass wannabe milw0rm kids whose sole purpose in life is to disclose XSS 0dayz in Joomla," the Ninjas say in their ezine.

The third target,, is a German hacking community where people discuss attacks methods and exchange special tools.

It doesn't appear to be involved in any fraud activities but according to the ezine, "they are developing into one of the largest, most arrogant script-kiddie breeding grounds on the intertubez."

A message displayed on at the moment notes that the future of the six-year-old website is uncertain. A decision as to whether to restore it or not has yet to be taken.

The tracker and the BackTrack Linux distribution, two other Ninja targets, are maintained by a group of security professionals called Offensive Security, which ironically offer security training and certifications.



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