Pakistani server used to hack Indian Army officer's computer :

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Indian security agencies have tracked a server in Pakistan that was used to hack the computer of an Indian Army major based in the Andamans who is being questioned by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

According to sources, the computer of the army officer containing some sensitive information was being accessed from two proxy servers.

The location of one the servers has been tracked to Pakistan while there is some confusion over the origin of the other server, which is also likely to be based in that country
They said the actual location of the second server is being examined as the hackers have been using proxy IP addresses through various internet gateways of European countries.

The sources said a forensic report has also pointed out that some key files and e-mails were deleted from the computer after it was seized by authorities.
The army and the defence ministry have ruled out espionage, saying it was a cyber security breach.


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