Qakbot Trojan propagating like worm..!

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According to the RSA Online Fraud Report published recently, Qakbot a unique kind of malware is penetrating into global financial institutions and prominent banks.
Qakbot is a different kind of malware that possesses the ability to propagate like a worm and infect as a Trojan, a release from RSA said.
According to the release, Qakbot malware is trying to breakthrough corporate and business accounts. Qakbot is named after its main executable file, _qakbot.dll.
The RSA FraudAction Research Lab has unveiled some of the exclusive features of Qakbot that were never seen before in any of the other monetary crimeware. The Qakbot malware prefers to target shared networks so that it can copy its executable files into the shared directories. This way it can distribute and infect every machine on that particular network.
The report said Qakbot possesses the ability to infect multiple computers simultaneously, while compromising banking credentials similar to any other type of banking Trojans. Moreover, according to the experts, it is the only Trojan that has almost exclusively targeted the U.S. banks.
A recent research on Qakbot reveals the fact that its hit list mainly includes large US-based financial institutions, with a few Non-US institutions. The aim of Qakbot is to draw out huge sums of money.


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