Google goes to war with Apple over mobile apps..!!

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THE INFLUENCE of Larry Page stepping in as CEO of Google is already being felt with an influx of software developers ready to create Google apps for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

As well as a set of new hires, people already working at Google have changed jobs to work on the apps development effort, the Wall Street Journal reports. The reason for this is obvious. As the Apple App Store shows, there is a shedload of money to be made from paid downloads and related advertising.

It could also help Google's Android operating system for mobile devices become more attractive in its ongoing competition with Apple's IOS. Although Android devices outnumber Apple's, in terms of apps Google is still quite a long way behind.

Google's move shows how having Page at the helm will make decision making faster. In the mobile devices markets this will be particularly important, due to their potential for growth and the strides Apple keeps making with its haloed devices.

Android users are going to see many more apps for their devices, both those made by Google and by smaller companies. It also means opportunity for Android apps developers, although as a knock-on effect it will create a more crowded marketplace.

With Page in the CEO position at Google, Apple won't be able to stand still. With the absence of Steve Jobs likely to have some effect at the top, the upcoming releases of the Iphone 5 and second generation Ipad will be very important for Apple. But then again, we say that every year.



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