How the Sun gets hacked by LulzSec -Watch VIDEO..!!

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The Sun newspaper, the sister publication of the recently extinguished News of the World, has suffered a hacker attack.

In what is even more bad news for Rupert Murdoch's stable of newspapers, already dogged by the phone hacking scandal, the LulzSec hacking gang appears to have breached security on the website of The Sun, Britain's best-selling newspaper.

Visitors to The Sun's home page are instead redirected to LulzSec's Twitter feed where it is bragging about its accomplishments.

Here's a YouTube video by my colleague Paul Ducklin, down in Australia, who woke up to this story - Paul took a moment out of his normal morning routine to take a cheeky look at the hack, and to offer advice to web site operators everywhere:

The LulzSec hacking gang also published a bogus news story claiming (in rather poorly spelt English) that Rupert Murdoch, the head of News Corporation which owns The News of the World and The Sun, had been found dead.

Source: Naked security


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