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my word press blog hacked

my word press blog http://ayurvedicindia.info was hacked between 6.00 to 10am dt 05.12.2011 by some Kuwaiti hackers
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Fake Indian Defence Forum owned by pakistani

DFI, Defence Forum of India was suffering from severe DDoS attack from pakistani's who owns the fake indian defence forum indiandefence(dot)com. They are attacking DFI for revealing the truth to public that they are doing some serious plot against India. Help what you can for DFI and all poor Indians that fell into their trap.
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really good

Thats really good to hear from you.. It is really nice to visit your article. I could get lot more knowledge from your article.. thanks for sharing
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nice web

nice web

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grt information

hey guys you are doing really good work. keep rocking

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dear sir ,

this is curentaly on prossess project so u be care full for sequrity and designing thats it

oh yes

creat some pools nd forms also



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